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Sara Prescott, Web Developer Sara Prescott, Web Developer Sara Prescott, Web Developer Sara Prescott, Web Developer Sara Prescott, Web Developer

A bit about me

I'm a web developer based in Akron, Ohio. All my life I have had a deep and abiding love of technology. Now, I want to make beautiful, responsive websites for you.

Currently, I spend my time building websites on a freelance basis, while also studying new technologies every day.

My preferred technologies for building responsive websites are HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Currently, I am branching out my knowledge base in order to go from Front End (which is the outward facing website, what everyone see when you visit a web address) web development to add Back End technologies (the server side).

Some of my skills

In web development, I am currently proficient with:




My career path has created opportunities for me to gain amazing skills both in and out of the tech world. Some of the skills and qualities that set me apart are:

Excellent Client Support
Making people happy is my natural state, so giving you the best support possible comes easy to me. I don't just want to make amazing websites, I also want to make sure the process is fun, friendly, and easy for all my clients.
Organizational Proficiency
Prior to discovering my love for web development, I found a special love for restructuring, reorganizing, and creating best practices for disorganized small businesses in order to help them thrive and grow. The businesses I worked with went on to become remarkably successful, due largely to these skills. As such, I am a very well organized person.
On Task Time Management
The value of time well spent is incalculable. As such, I understand how important your time is and I put a high priority on not wasting any of my clients time. I believe strongly in making and keeping realistic time tables during the development process.

Some of my projects so far

It has been a great experience designing, building, and maintaining these websites. Some of these I built for businesses, some for friends and family, and some just for fun and practice. The one I am most proud of is the website I designed, built, and donated to a local non-profit.

I've included some of my much older practice sites in this list, because I think it's important to showcase how skills grow and change over time.

Buy Yak - Responsive Website Portfolio Sequel Glass - Responsive Website Portfolio Pet Rescue - Responsive Website Portfolio Revere Power Pack Program - Responsive Website Portfolio Florist Shop - Responsive Website Portfolio Baby Shower - Responsive Website Portfolio

Pricing Structure

Websites creation is priced at a flat rate. The rate will depend on some very important factors, including (but not limited to):

Scope of the Project

Duration & Timetable

Website Budget

What is included?

  • Custom Coded Website
  • Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness
  • Mobile & Browser Tested
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Three rounds of revision after layout is selected

I offer a free consultation over the phone, or in person, depending on your location, in which we can discuss your website needs and decide if my skills would be a good fit.

Optional Additions:

  • Domain & Hosting Setup
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Quarterly/Yearly Maintenance

These options are are additional and not part of the flat rate pricing. A separate estimate can be given for any or all these options.